The Complete Wool Package


Imagine going to bed tonight knowing you are sleeping in a clean bed. A bed that has no bed bugs or dust mites. A bed that you can take apart and wash yourself, so you know for a fact it's clean. Imagine getting into bed knowing it doesn't have any chemical flame retardants hidden in it. Imagine sleeping on a bed filled in part with the Earth.  Imagine lying down and stretching in bed, knowing that your bed is actually firm enough to help your body realign while you sleep. Think about the slumped posture you were in all day... From driving, chair sitting, slumped over, looking at your phone or your computer.  Imagine getting into your Earhtbed and allowing your body to straighten itself out. Waking up in the morning feeling like you went to see a chiropractor while you were off in dreamland. Even if you don't have bad posture and back pain, don't you want to prevent it?  Imagine gaining bone density while you sleep because it's your bones, not your soft tissue that holds you up at night. Did you ever think about what the soft mattress you are sleeping on is doing to your body over time? Did you ever think about the fact that mattresses were only invented 150 years ago, but for millions of years humans slept directly on the Earth? Imagine re-wilding your sleep, every single night, knowing the next time you go camping all you need to bring is a sheepskin rug or one of your Earthbed toppers, and you can sleep directly on the Earth again the way your ancestors slept. Imagine sleeping the way we were designed to sleep, the way every other animal on Earth sleeps. Imagine sleeping on an Earthbed.


The Complete wool package is for those seeking an alternative to the latex/sheepskin topper. 

We are so happy to offer a 100% Certified Organic Wool Mattress topper to accompany our Eathbed, offering a layer of warmth and softness.  Made in the USA.


This package INCLUDES:

1. Ultimate Earth Bed Patent Pending waterproof nylon Cordura shell with a zippered side enclosure with hook and loop zipper flap.

2.  Non-Toxic Crushed White Marble Sand.


3. Ultimate Earth Bed 100% Natural Latex 1" latex filler to go on the inside of your UEB shell. (The latex filler goes on the inside - and makes the bed lighter in weight and slightly softer)

4. 100% GOTS Certified Organic Virgin Wool. Organic Cotton 7 oz. Twill Cover

The Earthbed needs to sit on a platform of some kind so the sand is supported.  You can easily get plywood or pressed pegboard from any hardware store.  Allow for a 2" allowance on all sides  (i.e. if your bed is a twin you will need a piece of board that is 76"x34") 

Here is an example of the platform bed:

Here is an example of an Ikea bed with a simple pegboard on top (from Home Depot)

Or you can purchase our featured palletbed as your base, with no additional need for adaption:




Twin size - 80"L x 38"W x 3"H

Full size - 75"L x 51"W x 3"H

Queen size - 80"L x 60"W x 3"H Please note that the queen sized bed is two small cot sized beds fitted together. This is done for ease of filling, moving, and customization. You can have your side softer than your partners or the other way around.

King size - 80"L x 76"w x 3"H Please note that the king sized bed is two twin sized beds fitted together. This is done for ease of filling, moving, and customization. You can have your side softer than your partners or the other way around.