Why sleep on a firm mattress?

  • Spinal Alignment: Chair sitting (whether driving, watching TV, eating, etc.) causes "front loading" of the body. Since the muscles are tighter in front, the body begins to feel comfortable when hunched over to some degree. Likewise, sleeping on an overly-soft modern mattress perpetuates this misalignment as it compresses under the body's weight.
  • Front Loading: When we lie down on a firm surface on our back, it stretches the tighter muscles in the front -- which can feel initially uncomfortable. A soft mattress is necessary to maintain this front loaded position while a firm surface helps to reverse it.
  • Pain relief: Soft mattresses may feel "better" because you are not being distracted by the body's attempts to stretch and realign itself. But once a body is realigned, firm sleeping becomes very comfortable and the aches and pains caused by poor alignment start to disappear.
  • Resistance: A soft mattress does not allow the resistance that we need to keep us in alignment and optimize breathing and circulation while we sleep. On a firm surface, the skeletal structure supports the body's weight allowing the muscles to relax, while a soft mattress uses the body's soft tissue to support it. Bones benefit from resistance as well, as it promotes healthy bone density.

What is the Ultimate Earth Bed?

  • Patent Pending Sand Mattress: The Ultimate Earth Bed is a modular bed system based around our patent pending sand mattress.
  • Super Firm: How firm is it? Our sand mattress is designed to be super firm. A close approximation is the feeling of lying on a towel at the beach. Solid and supportive, with some give if you wiggle around.
  • 4 Part System: The components of this bed system are: 1) the mattress shell, 2) the mattress filling (we offer crushed white marble sand), 3) a padding/warmth layer (we offer all natural sheepskin), and 4) additional padding (we recommend an organic latex foam pad) for extra comfort.
  • The 5th Element: These four components are the standard configuration we recommend, but you can customize your bed in any way you like. For instance, you might add a fifth element, Healing Crystals, which can be easily embedded into the sand inside your mattress.

What does "modular bed system" mean?

  • Sleep is a personal experience and our beds are designed to be custom tailored to fit your needs. That's why we base our beds around "individual" sized mattresses - specifically the Cot and Twin size.
  • "Individual" sized mattresses can be customized however you choose, whether it be filling (i.e. marble sand), additional layers (i.e. sheepskin), or firmness (i.e. latex pad).
  • By adding two individual size mattresses together, you create the larger Queen and King sizes. This ensures that you get the bed you want, even if your bedmate wants something different. And because our sand filled mattresses don't compress around the edges like spring mattresses, they form one seamless whole when placed side by side.
  • Mattress filling: We recommend your Ultimate Earth Bed mattress be filled with our non-toxic white marble sand, but you could elect to fill your mattress shell with anything you choose. This might include locally sourced sand, buckwheat hulls, or the like.
  • Sizing: We offer Cot, Twin, Queen and King size mattresses at the moment. We are expanding our size offering and can even custom create mattresses to your specifications. Simply let us know and we will work with you.
  • Sheepskin: We recommend using our natural luxury sheepskin pelt to add padding and warmth to your bed. Why add warmth? Your sand filling will maintain constant room temperature which might feel too cold to sleep on directly. Some of our customers elect to use a vegan friendly layer instead of natural sheepskin; others have used wool pads. It's up to you!
  • Additional padding: Our recommendation, if you do require additional padding for your Ultimate Earth Bed, is to use a 100% Organic latex foam pad, like the kind offered by our friends at www.sleeponlatex.com. These latex foam pads are available in different thicknesses and densities, so you can achieve the exact amount of additional padding you desire. If you have a different preference than your bedmate, each of you can order single size pads exactly the way you want them.

Does the mattress come already filled with sand?

    • No. The mattress shell and mattress filling are two separate components. The prices for the marble sand listed on our website include the cost of local installation (see FAQ Where do you deliver/install? for details).
    • If you do not want to fill your mattress shell with our marble sand or if you live outside Southern California, you should purchase only the UEB mattress shell.
    • Please contact us directly for self-installation instructions.

Where do you deliver/install?

      • The Ultimate Earth Bed is based in Los Angeles, CA. Our high purity marble sand is sourced locally. Due to the weight of the sand itself and the cost of shipping it, we only offer full installation services in Southern California.
      • As we expand, we do plan to offer delivery and installation of the Ultimate Earth Bed with our marble sand in other major cities. Please contact us if you would like us to come to your city!

Do I need a special bed frame, sheets, etc?

      • Bed frame: Possibly. Working with your existing bed and making the necessary modifications is part of our installation services. If we are not installing your bed ourselves, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.
      • Solid Bottom: The Ultimate Earth Bed needs to have a strong bed frame and a solid base to rest upon (i.e. not a slatted bottom). If you have a platform bed (which we recommend), you might not need any modifications. If you have a slatted bed, converting your bed can be a simple as adding a plywood sheet over your existing slats or adding some simple reinforcement. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.
      • Sheet Sizes: No special sheets required. The Ultimate Earth Bed comes in standard mattress sizes and fits standard sheet sizes.