What It's Like to Sleep on Crystals

What is it like to Sleep on a Bed of Crystals?

That image conjures up for me, a picture of sleeping on a spikey bed of rocks, perhaps something like Superman’s home in an icy crystal palace in the north pole. Sleeping on spikey things. So that we are totally clear... I am not talking about that. At. All.

I am talking about the Ultimate Earth Bed sand mattress base. Crushed white marble. It turns out, crushed white marble has crystal healing energy. Properties of serenity and sacredness.

I have to admit that before I began sleeping on the Earth Bed, I didn’t really believe in the power of crystals. I really wanted to. I had an affinity toward crystals. They are so beautiful. I was willing to try putting them around the house to enhance certain energies. But I didn’t really “feel” anything tangible per se. I can tell adding crystals to water over a day or so makes the water taste better but that was the real extent of it.

The grounding thing... Yes, I had to admit I felt better after a day at the beach. I guess you could call it grounding. But so many elements go into that experience. Wind, water, earth, beauty, breathing in fresh ionized sea air. So I wasn’t really sure if grounding was real... I had read about it, and tried hugging trees to unload the EMF’s that are now everywhere. But I didn’t really know for sure based on my own experience if that actually worked. I didn’t feel very much personally.

Over night this changed.

The first night it was created, I slept on the Earth Bed directly. No animal skin. No latex pad. Just a duvet blanket under me. Remember, we filled it up with crushed white marble. Sacred serenity. I was only doing this whole Earth Bed experiment to help realign my back and heal the (what I called) “bone crushing” back pain I was in -- I had zero thought about grounding, zero thought about crystal power. That first night I got on the bed and passed out so hard. It was a bit cold. The marble was freezing (it had been sitting outside in the cold January air before installing it).

The bed was harder than I was expecting, but It took about 5 minutes and I just passed out. Which was bizarre for me. After I had been asleep for a couple of hours I heard a few loud snapping sounds at the top of my head. I have no idea what that was.  Like some sort of static electricity leaving my body, discharging built up EMFs, or something else I don't know about??? I have no idea, but it was loud enough that it woke me up.  Never in my life had I had that experience.

The next night I got a sheep skin rug to put on top for warmth, plus regular sheets and blankets. Again I lay down to go to sleep and it almost felt like I had been drugged. I fell asleep so fast! Five minutes. On my back. Passed out. This is so unusual. I am a high-energy type person. The kind of person that really has to wind down at the end of a day. I feel bad for my husband who has to go to sleep with MY reading light on, because it usually takes me such a long time to get to sleep. I don’t understand. Why am I passing out on this bed? It happens every night. I get in bed, lay on my back, and pass out. Five minutes. Could it be grounding? What other explanation is might there be? I feel so relaxed on it. But why? It isn’t fluffy or cushy.

I think it has to be the bed of crushed white marble. A bed of crystals. Sacred Serenity.

We are totally perplexed, and frankly a little blown away. Could that be real? I am now convinced it is grounding. I started researching it for real. It turns out to be quite a scientifically proven theory. The positive ions in our bodies interact with the negative ions in the Earth. When they have a real chance to interact, the health benefits are amazing. We are actually designed to sleep on the Earth. Our bodies are meant to “ground” when we sleep. It’s real. It all starts to make sense. I am for the first time in my life “feeling” it.  Big time.  Sleeping on the Earth Bed recreates sleeping on the Earth. The sleep is so deep. It’s like NO THING I have ever experienced before. It's difficult to ground in 20 minute increments, or even 2 hour increments. The only time we are still for a long period of time is when we sleep. This actually makes sense.

We decide to consult a crystal healing expert because we started thinking about adding in other things like crushed amethyst and crushed crystals... She tells us that in fact the crushed white marble was a stroke of inspiration because it has the qualities of serenity and and sacredness. And that is probably why we are passing out on it. It promotes serenity. Wow. Cool! She says if if the beds are being used primarily for sleep we should only add in crystals that would promote grounding energy. Some of the ideas we had would add too much energy to the body and make it difficult to sleep.  She suggested hematite or shungite, both of which are crystals that have grounding, root chakra energy.

Boy was she right about not adding in crystals that amplify energy! I found this beautiful crystal that I really wanted to add in, so as an experiment I put it in the bed, buried in the sand right under my head. It is called Labradorite. Third eye opening energy. It literally put so much energy into the bed I could not sleep a wink. It was almost like it electrified the bed with energy. I think this crystal thing is real!

I tried adding in the shungite which is used to purify.... but even that adds more energy into the bed than I want. The hematite seems to be the best addition we have found for sleep. It has iron in it, like our blood. The best way to describe the feeling is that it adds “clarity”. I wake up feeling pure and clear. My dreams are more vivid.

In my opinion, however, the most hard core sleep is still just having the plain crushed white marble in the bed. I have decided that for future reference I will bring in crystals as needed for certain energies I need to bring into my life. Maybe for a day or for an extended meditation. I am really still in the middle of experimenting with all of it, and am in no way decided about anything. Exploration seems to be the now of my life.

This has been my experience so far sleeping on a bed of crystals. Way cooler than I would have ever believed to be true. But don’t take my word for anything. Experience will bring you the most information. Experiment, explore, and experience!

Stephanie Wing-Garcia

Co-Founder, The Ultimate Earth Bed