Stephanie's Story and the Origin of the Ultimate Earth Bed

Hi.  My name is Stephanie Wing-Garcia and I am the person who came up with this crazy idea, late one night when I was trying to sleep on a hard carpet floor at the La Quinta Resort in California. Prison sleep, I thought. Something softer, I thought. Sand. I wish I was on sand.

But that's the end of this story. Let me back up... to the beginning.

For most of my life I have had what I consider to be radiant health. I have had incredible energy and strength, and a freedom in my body that I assumed I would just always have.  I grew up on Health food. Thanks Mom!  And now  as an adult I am health nut. I am also a spiritual seeker. I am obsessed with the idea of using my mind to heal myself. I have used things like gratitude to heal myself.  I have experimented with different spiritual concepts on myself and found incredible miracles and results through out my life, doing things my own way for my own health.  Let me just say I am not a doctor - Clearly! Just a seeker of TRUTH.

After the birth of my children, 7 years ago, I started to experience extremely bad lower back and mid back pain. This was the kind of pain that would have me seize up, and I could not move an inch until it passed... The kind of pain that would make me scream without control if someone hugged me too tightly. This crazy noise would come out of me involuntarily. It would seem that no amount of gratitude was going to knock this one out.  So, being a new mom, I just put myself on the back burner and tried my very best to ignore it. I knew I could heal it if I just had the time. But I didn't have the time. Yes, you could say I was stressed out. My children are 18 months apart, and I was a full time mom with the kids and no reprieve. I tried doing yoga, but it didn't help. I saw a chiropractor. It didn't help.  So, I kept ignoring the pain.  The pain was not full blast non-stop. It was awful when I got up in the morning and it was dull throughout the day. But if I got my self in the wrong position it would become extreme. I started doing acupressure, acupuncture, and saw more chiropractors.  When they were all unable to really help... I was at a loss. They would say to me things like, "I can't believe the amount of pain you are living with... and ...there may be something really wrong with you." Not fun to hear.

At the end of last year I decided it was time to address and heal the pain. My children at the time were 6 and 8. Life was busy still, but much less stressful, more calm, and I had time to take care of me. So I began to research and put feelers out about natural cures for back pain. It came into my space that a friend of a friend healed her back pain by taking all of her furniture out of the house (YIKES!!) and started sleeping on the floor (YIKES AND YIKES!!). But she had incredible results. Her back pain was GONE. I thought at this point... I am willing to try anything. So over the Christmas Holiday of 2015 I began sleeping on the floor. Basically a sheepskin rug on a hard wood floor. It was a very hard adjustment. I really hated it. At the same time, even though the sleep was hard, when I got up in the morning my back felt a little better. Stiff. But a little better. And my posture was better. I've always had "bad" posture.  All of my life. I'd be rich if I had a nickel every time someone said to me "straighten up."  And now all of sudden it hurt to slouch. What was happening?

Over the New Year's celebration my husband and I went to the La Quinta Resort in Palm Desert to celebrate the coming year and set our intentions, which puts this story back where I started. We had this beautiful huge suite with a fire place and a wonderful huge soft fluffy bed with the world's softest linens. And there we were. On the floor. Trying to sleep on a hard carpeted floor... And I emphasize the word TRYING. ( I think it must have been concrete under the carpet) and there in that absurd moment, the idea of the sand bed was born. I gave the idea to my husband and by the next week GOD LOVE HIM, he made the first sand bed for me and I was sleeping on it.

It's now June. It's been 6 months and my back pain is completely gone. GONE. I am sleeping harder than ever before. Sand bed. Sheepskin rug. Latex pad. That is the combo I have found that really works well for me. It is comfortable, without sacrificing the firmness needed to re-align my back. I have made an effort to spend some time every night sleeping on my back, which is tough for me. Since childhood I have been a side sleeper. It doesn't seem to matter if I sleep on my side, stomach, or back.  It still feels good and supported.

One last thing... I also worked with a woman who does something called bio-reprogramming to get to the bottom of, and heal the emotional stress I was experiencing at that time in my life... And I would never discount the importance of doing that as well.

That's my story in a nutshell.  I am so grateful and so thankful to have finally conquered the back pain and am grateful to be able to move freely again and share all of this with you.