The World's First Sand Mattress

The Ultimate Earth Bed

Welcome to the Ultimate Earth Bed ™, the world's-first patent pending, sand-filled mattress.

Human beings were designed to sleep directly on the Earth, a bed of leaves, sand, grass... covered perhaps by animal skins or other variations, but always upon the Earth itself. Its firmness supports our skeletal structure; its grounding energy promotes well-being.

The time has come to re-align ourselves with natural Earth sleeping. Now you can bring the outdoors indoors, in an elegant, modern way.

Recreating Natural Sleep

Recreating Natural Sleep

The Ultimate Earth Bed ™ is a modular bed system, based around our proprietary sand mattress. Experience the healing and grounding benefits of sleeping on real Earth.

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  • Non-toxic

    • We offer high purity 100% non-toxic crushed white marble sand to fill our mattresses.
    • Our 100% luxury sheepskin pelts are naturally hypoallergenic.
    • Add our 100% organic latex foam topper for added cushion - made from rubber trees, not cheap petroleum.

  • Healing

    • Super-firm to encourage better alignment and back healing.
    • Grounding energy from the earth promotes well-being.
    • Bury healing crystals into your sand and let them work while you sleep.

  • Green

    • Beyond biodegradable. Our mattress is filled with earth, so its filling can be put directly back into the earth.
    • Reduce waste. Our mattress shell is compact enough to be packed inside a nap sack for storage.
    • No more landfills. Exempted from state mandated recycling fees by the Mattress Recycling Council!

  • Clean

    • Our mattress shell is washable.
    • Our natural sheepskin and latex topper is washable.
    • The mattress filling can be replaced as often as you like.